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New studies show that operations from chicken farms generate more ammonia emissions annually than oil refineries and steel mills combined in poultry heavy states. About 8 times more. And now the EPA is pushing for an exemption for the poultry industry.

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submitted by: cherrymary   Dec 15, 2008
category: Science keywords: epa, emissions, pollute, chicken, farm
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This is why too many regulations ends up with countless problems.
posted by: FatKid     Dec 16, 2008
The EPA sucks. How is this manipulation put into the EPA? Lobbyists?
posted by: headphoneguy     Dec 16, 2008
Oh, an exception! Of course. I love exemptions, because they're just so fair. They're like, "Hey, this law applies to everyone...everyone except YOU, darling." What better way to express your love to those who sleep in the same bed as you...while being utterly, entirely fair to everyone else equally?

Government sucks...
posted by: MiniMe     Dec 17, 2008
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