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"If the crisis was predictable and is explainable, why did no one listen? It’s because too many politicians believed that a free lunch was possible and a new economic paradigm had arrived. But we’ve heard that one before--like the philosopher’s stone that could turn lead into gold. Prosperity without work is a dream of the ages."

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submitted by: Randy   Dec 15, 2008
category: News keywords: ron paul, economy, peter schiff, austrian, free market
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This is a great video. That's all I can say.
posted by: tastybit     Dec 15, 2008
link doesnt work?
posted by: Freemod     Dec 15, 2008
I fixed the link.
posted by: JoshLowry     Dec 15, 2008
Awesome, thank you.
posted by: intelliot     Dec 16, 2008

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