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Ford is suing multiple Ford enthusiast web sites. You may want to read that again. Ford is suing multiple Ford-enthusiast web sites. In a recent letter to enthusiast web sites, Ford's reportedly requiring the relinquishment of all Ford trademarks including domain names, banners, signs and merchandise as well as a restitution payment of $5,000 by December 19th.

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submitted by: RuckeR   Dec 10, 2008
category: News keywords: ford, sue, websites, enthusiast, fan
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Hah, Ford just doesn't get it. And now we have to pay up for all of their mistakes. Including this one.
posted by: SevenSuns     Dec 10, 2008
It's almost like they're trying to fail harder in order to get a bigger bailout. Still, it looks like one of their PR people is trying his best to get the situation reversed, claiming it was just due to the fan sites offering counterfeit Ford logos or something.
posted by: safeshark     Dec 10, 2008

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