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Some 130 women were held prisoner, some in dog cages, at a Ho Chi Minh City brothel, forced to work as prostitutes 18 hours per day, local media reports say.

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submitted by: Jaggedx69x   Dec 10, 2008
category: News keywords: prostitute, dog, cage, abuse, pimp
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It's 2008... Can we stop treating other humans this way please?
posted by: IceMan     Dec 11, 2008
And how, might I ask, did they find themselves in that position in the first place? If they were kidnapped against their will, this is deplorable. If they signed on willingly, knowing the terms of debt, then it is a different matter.
posted by: wtaylor     Dec 11, 2008
No wtaylor. Alcoholism and anorexia, etc don't get any less deplorable if they're voluntary. If you happen to have an especially strong stomach, that's a separate matter. Per the line: "forced to work as prostitutes 18 hours per day", i doubt any amount of legalism would help me to feel comfortable with that.
posted by: numbersign     Dec 11, 2008

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