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Unfortunately, Obama is positioning himself to not follow through with The Change in foreign policy that he eloquently spoke about in the campaign, but beyond that, being a candidate perceived to be “far left”, he has neutralized a significant amount of anti-war pressure from the left.

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submitted by: Shana4Liberty   Dec 10, 2008
category: News keywords: obama, neocons, foreign policy, antiwar, government
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What the hell, the guy writing this sounds surprised that Obama is a liar.
posted by: kasfid     Dec 10, 2008
I'm afraid we won't see an end to these wars until the economy collapses or another election in 2016.
posted by: BizFish     Dec 10, 2008
More than at least a few in america are stricken by Clytemnestra syndrome, right now...
posted by: numbersign     Dec 10, 2008

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