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A man died early Tuesday morning after Minneapolis police used a Taser on him during a confrontation. Police used a Taser to subdue the man when he fought with officers who were trying to arrest him in the street. When police noticed the man was having an apparent medical problem, he was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he died.

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submitted by: Tiemeyer   Dec 9, 2008
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Taser has tried to defend that tasers do not kill people in the past.

What a bunch of baloney.
posted by: igloogirl     Dec 10, 2008
posted by: AndrewRyan     Dec 10, 2008
posted by: igloogirl     Dec 10, 2008
I wonder how many people will die when police start using the new Taser model? It's fired from a 12-gauge shotgun:
posted by: safeshark     Dec 10, 2008
Imagine those spikes digging into your skull. They are like an inch long!
posted by: GreenApples     Dec 10, 2008

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