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Blackbird provides African Americans with easy access to advanced features and services, greater visibility and access to hard-to-find African-American online content and a platform for sharing their entire internet experience on the web.

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submitted by: liberty   Dec 9, 2008
category: News keywords: blackbird, african, black, negro, browser
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Haha, they should have called it BETscape.
posted by: WhatsWalmart     Dec 9, 2008
Are they going to come out with a browser for White people now, that only shows websites maintained by Whites? Watch the best White videos? Browse the best White content? Connect to White organizations that need your support?

Because only racists would want to use something like that, right?. ; )
posted by: safeshark     Dec 9, 2008
Yea it seems to be a one way street sometimes...
posted by: RuckeR     Dec 9, 2008

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