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Objectives of the test included having the MKV-L hover under its own power and prove its capability to recognize and track a surrogate target in a flight environment. PDF:

link: (
submitted by: Yodeler   Dec 6, 2008
category: Technology keywords: mkv, missile, hover, military, weapon
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That looks scary, I thought it was computer graphics til I saw the website homepage.
posted by: RuckeR     Dec 6, 2008
The future is finally here and it's going to kick our ass.
posted by: numbersign     Dec 6, 2008
I was thinking you could shoot it, but they could just cover the whole thing in plated armor.
posted by: dizaster     Dec 6, 2008
What is the confirmed kill count so far from employing these puppies in the field.
posted by: TranceDanceMaster     Dec 7, 2008

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