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Ford Motor Co. will tell Congress that it plans to return to a pretax profit or break even in 2011 when the Detroit Three automakers' CEOs appear before lawmakers this week to request $25 billion in government loans. --- I would work for a dollar per year if I got $25 Billion from the government.

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submitted by: mikey404   Dec 3, 2008
category: News keywords: bailout, loan, government, banks, auto
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Of course he isn't going to work for one dollar. That's ridiculous, he will be getting paychecks throughout the year.
posted by: FatKid     Dec 4, 2008
As if the perks, stock, dividends, etc. would not make up for his loss of salary after his company persuaded the corrupt government to rob people of $25 billion...
posted by: MiniMe     Dec 4, 2008
LOL, after the millions he has already earned and the bonuses to come after the tax payers give him his bailout. PUKE
posted by: voodoo02     Dec 4, 2008

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