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Bush Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is still considering a proposal to create a free, porn-free Internet, according to today's Wall Street Journal:

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submitted by: VICIOUSID   Dec 2, 2008
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Competition usually has the best product winning.

Porn is a great product so good luck with your pornless internet.
I hope you lose lots and lots of non taxpayer dollars on it.
posted by: mikey404     Dec 2, 2008
This would actually be a good thing. If you look at how Congress has gotten the federal government in the door and greatly expanded their power as "Internet cops" it's ALWAYS been to "protect the children" and then used for something else - in most cases. By pealing off a section of the internet as a "kids zone" - they will no longer have this pretext.

It will also not work. One contract I had was with a school district and I was told that they wanted to set up Internet access (web) and give all the kids e-mail accounts, but they needed to be sure "lil Johny" never, ever could access porn. Well, I told them the truth: To get rid of 85% of it, it trivial, to bring that up to 99% is harder, but doable - to eliminate the last 1% is impossible.

A contractor from a competing company (who wanted to sell them tens of thousands of dollars of hardware and software) lied and said "oh - no problem!".

I was laid off shortly after that... seems they wanted to believe what they wanted to hear than reality.

If "lil Johny" really wants to access porn on a school computer, he will. if you go to a image or file hosting site that contains no keywords, a computer can't tell what's the subject of an image. Ditto for a web site - and new web sites are popping up every few seconds. There is compression, encoding, encryption, stegonography, etc. not to mention that a kid could just bring in a disk and set up a shared directory somewhere deep in the file tree and tell his friends about it - totally bypassing the filters.

And then there are P2P nets and anonymizers, proxy servers (very popular for circumventing the Chinese Gvmt censorship, etc.

But the bottom line is that if it takes away Congresses pretext to stick it's nose into the rest of the Internet - it's a good thing!

posted by: tangent     Dec 2, 2008
Oh - one other thing... such filters will block things like searches for information on STD's and breast cancer.

posted by: tangent     Dec 2, 2008
Or they will just get the government involved, learn how to censor stuff real well and then carry it over to the real internet.
posted by: FatKid     Dec 2, 2008

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