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A lawmaker says the state's Homeland Security office should be crediting God with keeping the state safe. State Rep. Tom Riner, a Southern Baptist minister who was instrumental in establishing that requirement in 2006, disapproves of the fact that Homeland Security doesn't currently mention God in its mission statement or on its Web site.

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submitted by: rick9   Nov 29, 2008
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Oh man, this will really stir up some drama.
posted by: headphoneguy     Nov 30, 2008
He can't be serious... We are just lucky that we haven't been attacked back in revenge for all the atrocities in Iraq.

God is not happy with the hundreds of thousands of people that we have killed.
posted by: ordertoad     Nov 30, 2008
I don't know what stupider the notion that they protect us or the notion that this is a theistic state.
posted by: dumuh     Dec 1, 2008

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