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Bailout costs more than Marshall Plan, Louisiana Purchase, moonshot, S&L bailout, Korean War, New Deal, Iraq war, Vietnam war, and NASA's lifetime budget -- *combined*!

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submitted by: MrArthur   Nov 25, 2008
category: News keywords: iraq, bailout, debt, money, waste
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Sure is! That should be a major news headline!!!
posted by: voodoo02     Nov 26, 2008
Wow. There's a lot of self-described "anti-libertarians" on that page attacking anyone disagreeing with the bailout and saying that it's going to all be paid back and we'll make money on it. What's up with that? Is bongbong an authoritarian stronghold or something?
posted by: safeshark     Nov 26, 2008
I'm not sure I noticed that too.

Sometimes it seems overwhelming that I don't even want to post a comment.
posted by: JMGO     Nov 26, 2008

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