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White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan talks about how he asked President Bush if he was the one who "outed" CIA agent Valerie Plame on Air Force One. Bush told McClellan he was the one who gave approval to out Plame by saying "Yeah, I did."

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submitted by: IceMan   Nov 16, 2008
category: News keywords: plame, bush, classified, war, iraq
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Bush probably said "What are you gonna do about it?" after he admitted to it.
posted by: JMGO     Nov 16, 2008
I'm guessing that to complete the magickal ritual we still need to try and hang the idiot king... I don't know how much energy their is in that direction, but it's still on the schematics...
posted by: numbersign     Nov 16, 2008
"there" and not "there".
posted by: numbersign     Nov 16, 2008

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