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Donald Trump’s contentious plans to transform a wild and windswept stretch of the Aberdeenshire coastline into an exclusive billion dollar golf resort have been approved by the Scottish government. Mr Trump said he was “deeply honoured” by the decision, which follows a local planning inquiry.

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submitted by: noweigh   Nov 4, 2008
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Trump doesn't care, he is only going to be around another 15 to 20 years.
posted by: errny     Nov 10, 2008
For those among you concerned about our large mounds of sand please be assured that Scotland very much welcomes this kind of economic development. We have more wilderness and dunes that we know what to do with. We are not a heritage park for the rest of the world. Sand vs jobs ? No contest.
posted by: numbersign     Nov 10, 2008
Well said number! Jobs are much better than a pile of sand.
posted by: rick9     Nov 10, 2008

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