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Scientists have discovered what they believe is an eight-armed creature, which colonised a large section of the world's oceans over 300 million years before the first dinosaurs emerged.

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submitted by: Qword   Nov 4, 2008
category: Science keywords: nature, animal, dinosaur, ocean, eight
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Possibly some relation to the Octopus?
posted by: Escobar     Nov 4, 2008
They sure do seem to pick up a lot of information off an imprint.
posted by: noweigh     Nov 4, 2008
It's the same type of animal as a jellyfish, just with eight arms. Interesting that they found fossils of it, usually invertebrates comparable to this are next to impossible to find fossil evidence of since they lack an endo or exoskeleton to fossilize.
posted by: safeshark     Nov 4, 2008

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