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In case you don't know, the art of 'shoe tossing' involves throwing one's tied footwear up into the air in such a manner as to have them land on an overhead powerline, one shoe hanging on either side. The new and popular thing to do is to throw your shoes tied together by the laces into a tree.

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submitted by: harris230   Nov 4, 2008
category: News keywords: shoetree, shoe, tree, laces, art
Discuss It!
We had a tree like this outside my old blockbuster but it had gum all over it, it was really pretty cool.
posted by: ErinBear     Nov 4, 2008
I see an old pair of black converse sneakers. :)
posted by: IceMan     Nov 4, 2008
That's an awesome tree! I want to start one.
posted by: Jaggedx69x     Nov 4, 2008

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