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Many investors, writers, artists and sculptors from the Americas and Europe have been moving to Mexico. Roles are being reversed and now both the immigrant and native are seeing the light of the other side. Learning Spanish and foreigners shops opening in town are just a few of the different things.

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submitted by: Gnome   Oct 23, 2008
category: Life keywords: immigration, mexico, language, foreign, immigrant
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Nice article, really let's people feel the role reversals.
posted by: IceMan     Oct 23, 2008
Hah, someone needs to move down there and start a country music station and call it "The Race"

Here in Houston, the Hispanics listen to a spanish station called "La Raza"
posted by: RuckeR     Oct 23, 2008
posted by: SevenSuns     Oct 23, 2008

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