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An amazing array of footprints made by more than 1,000 dinosaurs have been uncovered on the Arizona-Utah border in the U.S. Scientists have likened the wealth of tracks and tail-drag marks on the three-quarter acre site to a crowded 'dinosaur dance floor.'

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submitted by: Zahara   Oct 21, 2008
category: Science keywords: nature, dinosaurs, footprint
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Party like it's 100,000,000 BC!

I bet the music was better back then.
posted by: harris230     Oct 21, 2008
Strange that it would be in the middle of the desert. Time changes all.
posted by: penny     Oct 21, 2008
Wow, that would be a really great discovery to make. Great piece of history.
posted by: sandstar     Oct 21, 2008
Very cool! Maybe they will find some bonesfortonesjones.
posted by: cherrymary     Oct 21, 2008
I've visited this place on the astral plane. Doesn't surprise me that it was looked into more and its purpose discovered.
posted by: TranceDanceMaster     Oct 21, 2008
Ever visit VOTEmotion on an astral plane?
posted by: fannman     Oct 21, 2008

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