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A 16-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh allegedly committed suicide after watching news about the possibility of the end of earth, following the atom-smasher experiment in Geneva that began on Wednesday.

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submitted by: cherrymary   Sep 10, 2008
category: News keywords: suicide, lhc, world, end, death
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Wow, why not just wait a day or two, if you're gonna die anyways...
posted by: Escobar     Sep 10, 2008
Looks like she was wrong, unless I am dreaming.
posted by: penny     Sep 10, 2008
She probably just wanted to justify that which she wanted...
posted by: Kludge     Sep 10, 2008
girls are so stupid... they always kill themselves with pills... it's no accident that men are statistically 4x more likely to actually die in a suicide attempt....
posted by: STANDINGxLIKExAxROCK     Sep 10, 2008
standing like a rock is a he-man woman hater...

suicide is not cool
posted by: sandstar     Sep 10, 2008

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