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Rutten gives you a few pointers in this video with his wild personality, bam, bangity bangs, and kicks in the groin.

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submitted by: IceMan   Feb 26, 2007
category: Videos keywords: bas, rutten, mma, fighting
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Bas is hilarious, he has some great stories to tell. Look up his name on google!
posted by: ambiguous81     Feb 27, 2007
Been there, done that. I was one of his trainers back before I went to flight school.
posted by: IceMan     Feb 27, 2007
Nine Things I Learned from Bas:
#1. "Everyone underestimates the kick in the groin."
#2. "I can also deliver ... BANG headbutt out of nothing."
#3. "Maybe now the headbutt comes!"
#4. "Lookey look what we got here! Smack his face. Smack his face.
#5. "I'm gonna bounce his head on the table 10 times or something."
#6. "In the liver. Stab in the liver."
#7. "and of course: kick him in the head"
#8. "I'm sorry sir, but I'm gonna break your leg."
#9. "I believe in two eyes for an eye."
posted by: Stin     Feb 28, 2007
Good 'ol Bas!
posted by: JoshLowry     Feb 28, 2007

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